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We offer diagnosis and treatment for seasonal allergies at over 2,000 locations nationwide.

It’s important to make sure minor cuts, scrapes, blisters and wounds are cleaned properly and don’t become infected. See a specialist to get help with our minor cut, blister, scrape or wound today. We can assess and prescribe proper antibiotic treatment if needed, and diagnose whether or not your wound needs stitches. Many of our locations offer Dermabond®, a strong, flexible liquid bonding agent that holds many cuts and wounds together as effectively as stitches.

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Visit one of our over 2,000 Convenient Care Plus locations across the nation to get diagnosed and treated for cuts, scrapes, blisters, wounds and other ailments and injuries. We are here to help. A Convenient Care Plus Membership covers the cost of a visit for minor ailments and injuries at many of our Walk-In Clinics  where you and your family can see a specialist and get the treatment and relief you need, faster.

The Affordable Solution

A month-to-month membership with Convenient Care Plus typically costs less than a sick visit to a doctor. Convenient Care Plus is a convenient, cost-effective complement to today’s high-deductible health insurance plans. In addition to help with minor injuries, we offer the ability to Call A Doctor 24 hours a day, a national network of Walk-In Clinics and many plans that include Health Advocate, a service to help you and your family navigate complex healthcare issues such as medical claims, insurance-related problems and more.

About Us. Convenient Care Plus was started in Nebraska by healthcare professionals to meet a need for convenient, affordable care and has grown to include over 2,000 locations nationwide. Convenient Care Plus was recently featured in this video by the Greater Omaha Chamber. Watch it to learn more about us.

Contact us by phone or email now to verify the clinics in your area offer help with minor cuts, blisters and wounds. Patients with abscesses, injuries on the head face or eyes, wounds requiring stitches or staples, wounds with fragments / foreign body, uncontrolled bleeding or injuries more than 12 hours old may be directed to another health care provider.

Get Started with a Convenient Care Plus membership today. We’re so confident you’ll find great value for yourself and your family we invite you to join now and cancel at any time. Give us a try. Get the minor injury help you need today, and keep your whole family healthy with less out of pocket expense.

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