Telemedicine can lower costs for health systems by $24 a patient, study finds…

But it’s not just about saving money; patient satisfaction rises with the use as well.

The findings support the use of telemedicine to reduce costs for both the patient and hospital system, while maintaining high levels of patient satisfaction, researchers said. After each visit, parents were asked to complete a five-item satisfaction survey. Ninety-one percent of parents found the application easy to download, 98 percent would be interested in future telemedicine visits, and 99 percent would recommend telemedicine to other families.

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Living Near Retail Clinics Linked to Fewer Avoidable ED Visits

This is a great article from Christina Mattina regarding the importance of how having a retail health clinic nearby can make patients less likely to visit the emergency department (ED) for minor or preventable conditions, according to new research.

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