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Are you or a family member suffering from a minor ailment or injury? Our members enjoy unlimited Walk-In Clinic visits (many with convenient evening and weekend hours)  and 24/7 Call-a-Doctor support for minor illnesses and injuries including:

Minor Illnesses. Allergy symptoms, bronchitis & coughsearaches & ear infectionsflu-like symptomspink eye & styessinus infections & congestionsore & strep throatupper respiratory infectionsurinary tract & bladder infections.

Minor Injuries. Bug bites & stingsminor burnsminor cuts, blisters & woundssplinter removalsprains & strains (ankle & knee)tick bites

Skin Conditions. Acneathlete’s footchicken poxcold / canker / mouth soreseczemaimpetigolicepoison ivy & poison oakringwormscabiesshingles, styes, sunburn, swimmer’s itch, wart evaluation

*PLEASE NOTE: Convenient Care Plus does not cover any injections that may be required to treat an ailment or injury.

**Not all services available at all locations. We can provide specific guidance based on your situation, and can help advise you on getting the most out of your Convenient Care Plus Membership. Our full list of providers can be viewed here. Contact us today with questions about our Services, or view our FAQs page.

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Call a Doctor. Need to speak to a doctor right away? Get your medical questions answered, no matter the time of day or night. There are times when you don’t want to go to a doctor’s office, but you have questions about your health that only a doctor can answer. Convenient Care Plus gives you the ability to call a doctor via a 24 hour doctor hotline, 365 days a year. You’ll get to speak to a physician quickly by phone or videoconference, without all the waiting.

Walk-In Clinics. Convenient Care Plus makes scheduling doctor’s visits around work, school and business travel a thing of the past. Membership in our program allows you to see a healthcare practitioner at a  medical walk-in clinic when it’s most convenient for you. Our extensive provider network including partnerships with Urgent Care Centers and national retail clinic chains puts you in control of the “when” and “where”, with many of our walk-in health clinics offering 24 hour availability. Start feeling better faster!

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