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Help People. Do Good. Get Cash.
The Sky’s the Limit!

Why You Should Join Our Team. It’s simple. Because we want the best people, we offer the best incentives and the most freedom. Everyone here gives 100% to Convenient Care Plus, and we reward this dedication with a generous compensation package. Work when you want. Make good money. Be your own boss. We will provide you with the tools for long-term success.

Help Employers Care for Their Employees. Convenient Care Plus is looking for associates to spread the news about a new way to stay healthy. Do you like helping people? Do you like to do good? Do you like to earn money? Join our team! Convenient Care Plus is the answer for employers interested in adding to their menu of supplemental benefits, or looking for a way to set themselves apart from their competition.

Offer Consumers the Value They Need. We offer a healthcare membership program with 24 / 7 / 365 access to healthcare. No travel, no waiting, and no missed work.

It’s Up to You. Becoming a Convenient Care Plus agent gives you the opportunity to determine how successful you’ll be, putting you in the drivers seat – with the knowledge that you represent an excellent product. Are you ready to join the team? Contact us today.


Who can sell Convenient Care Plus? Anyone who wants to help people and make money. No previous experience necessary.

Where can I sell CCP? Almost anywhere. CCP’s telehealth benefit can be sold in all 50 states. CCP’s Discount Healthcare Membership Plan can be sold in 29 states and counting. Contact us with questions.

Do I need an insurance license? No. No special license is required to sell CCP.

How do I get paid? All CCP associates are paid monthly. Checks are mailed directly to you along with a statement showing earnings for the month. Contact us with questions about commissions. We have special incentives to make it worth your while.

How do taxes work? You pay taxes as an individual — there is no reason to file as a business. File taxes as you normally would, and we will send you a 1099 at the end of the year showing how much you made selling Convenient Care Plus.

What if I want some time off? Do it. You have the freedom to work or not work when you want. No need for approvals. No questions asked. You’re the boss.

“With all the changes in healthcare reform, I love being able to offer another benefit option to employers. It’s affordable and pairs up nicely with other healthcare plans.” -Adam C, licensed Convenient Care Plus agent

Thank you for partnering with Convenient Care Plus, the most complete healthcare companion membership in the market today! We look forward to providing you with the service and support needed to grow and retain your client relationships. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, concerns or requests at [email protected], (855) 900-8701. Or fill out the form at right.

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Become a Broker Today!

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