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Every year, the personal data of millions of Americans is stolen, putting them at risk for fraud, theft and damage to their reputation. A recent breach at a major credit bureau may have exposed the data of over 143 million people.

Level 1 & 2 members may be eligible to receive privacy protection.

By enrolling in a level 1 or level 2 plan with Convenient Care Plus, you may be eligible receive great protection services including:

  • Identity Monitoring and Alerts – We monitor thousands of databases and billions of records or suspicious activity. If we find any, we call you personally to discuss.
  • Identity Restoration Service Guarantee – The restoration service will take an “unlimited” amount of time and spend whatever it takes in restoring your identity and good name to a pre-theft status.
  • Safe Browsing – Our virtual private network (VPN) secures your privacy by hiding your credit card, banking and other personal information from criminals, scammers, hackers and marketers.
  • Secure Email & Data Storage – We provide a secure email account with fully encrypted messages.  Your critical documents are securely stored on servers in Switzerland using military-grade encryption.
  • Priority Live Member Support – Our representatives are available when you need us.
Our Customer Commitment — We will never sell your data to advertisers.

Our Customer Commitment — We will never sell your data to advertisers.

Most Complete Privacy Offering – Our holistic approach provides online protection when you’re navigating, social networking, communicating, storing data, shopping, banking and traveling. All in one place, using any device.

Best In Class – We take the guesswork out and have done the homework so your package includes many of the top tools available in each aspect of your locking system.

Best Value – One package, and a whole lot of big savings.

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